30th September 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


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Today’s Thortful blog is another example of how great illustration and design can be used to raise awareness for fantastic causes. For those who don’t know, the Tumblr/Instagram #Blackout this year was a viral hashtag event created by the Black Community to elevate a diverse and honest representation of themselves – there’s been a ton of research in the past regarding BME representation in the media, and the numbers aren’t at all progressive. So, with the general principle being that selfies help us all to feel better about our own appearance in a harmless and fun way, participants of the #Blackout all posted their best selfies, all at the same time. It was a heartwarming way to uplift a community which has generally seen more than its share of marginalisation in the mainstream media, with each #Blackout participant praising and sharing other members’ selfies.

Enter Oskar Vega, illustrator extraordinaire, whose vibrant and colourful portfolio is influenced by a range of styles and movements from pin-up to Manga. As a way to celebrate the movement, Oskar took four great selfies from Tumblr and illustrated them. So the ladies above went from humans to Disney characters in moments, which we thought was a fitting and very thortful addition to the #Blackout (Oskar’s original post has around 300,000 notes). Oskar has also illustrated the Addams family and the witches from American Horror Story, if you’re into fan art. Check out Oskar’s fun, uplifting and slightly risqué portfolio here or connect with him on twitter. Additionally, you can check out the Blackout for Human Rights blog here.

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