29th July 2015 Ghazzala Zubair



After seeing Char Villena’s promo of our blog post last week, we got a little obsessed with… well, ourselves. Today our me-themed Thortful Design is from Alejandro Lopez Becerro, a.k.a. Muokkaa. Alejandro is a multi-medium graphic designer and illustrator based in sunny Madrid. He created the above image for (you guessed it) his 100th instagram post. You don’t always see 3D design so well-executed and eerily lifelike, but Alejandro has the design chops to pull it off.

Alejandro has lectured at the University of Salamanca, alongside Adobe during their Create Now Tour and most recently in Pamplona, Spain. We found his 3D typography on his behance page and fell in love with his high-standard, seriously professional work. Check him out here in on Instagram, or connect with him on twitter.

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