TikTok tips

Whether you’re an avid Tiktoker or just starting out, we hope these tips might spark some ideas for your videos!

Edit your voice/sound/music 

From the shooting page you can select the add a sound button which will take you to the music options. Under the ‘Tiktok Viral’ playlist, you can find the songs that are trending and if you jump on a trending sound early your video will be seen by anyone looking browsing that sound.

Alternatively, you can add music to your video after you are finished recording, simply tap on ‘sounds’ in the bottom left corner. If you have a song in mind you can search for it or browse recommendations. Favourite a sound and it will appear under your favourites button next to the discover button on the sounds page.

You can then adjust the volume of your original video against the music/sound you added from TikTok. Just tap on volume, and to record a voice over your video, click the microphone icon on the right of the screen. You can also edit the sound of your voice by tapping the voice effects and choosing from a selection of atmospheres.

Save an effect

If you see a video with an effect you like, for example ‘Slow zoom’ tap the name and then save to favourites. You can then find these and use them from the effects tab on the shooting page.

Add stickers

You can choose from a large selection of graphics/emojis to add to your video from the stickers icon at the bottom of the editing screen. Some of the stickers include time, trending stickers, all of the emojis from your keyboard and even the ability to include a poll.

Also in ‘stickers’, you can apply a ‘face zoom’ which zooms in on a face in any part of your video.

Green screen 

After starting a new video, tap ‘Effects’ at the bottom left of the screen and swipe right passed ‘New’ and ‘Trending’ categories and you’ll find ‘Green Screen’. There is a range of Green Screens from TikTok’s library or you can add your own picture/video.

Place a photo as the background using the photo icon with an arrow pointing down. The play symbol with an arrow pointing up allows you to use a video. Upload your own material by clicking the + on the left above the effect options.

Add captions

Make your videos more accessible so that people can watch them in public places by adding closed captions. Tiktok will auto caption your videos and you can add this Click the check button in the bottom right corner when you finish recording or uploading the video. Click the “text” button at the bottom of the TikTok screen to add captions and choose a font style, text alignment, and colour.

Change the duration that your captions are on the screen by clicking the text box and selecting ‘edit duration.’ When on the next screen use the sliders to select the points that you’d like the captions to appear.


Think about tags that will be relevant to your customer and something they would likely search for. For example, #smallbusiness will help your video be seen by creators but not customers. Use a mixture of large and small hashtags.

Have fun creating your videos! 🙂