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Typography of the day by Joel Felix

Typography of the day by Joel Felix

Today we’re exploring the creativity of Joel Felix, a freelance designer who specialises in branding, hand-lettering and illustration, while he’s crazy about all things concerning typography.

When did you start as a designer?

I stumbled upon graphic design in college after taking a year off because I didn’t’ know what I was going to do with my Art Studio major. When I came back to finish my degree I took an introductory class to Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and fell in love with design. I immediately switched majors once I realized that there was an entire “business side” of being creative. I viewed the computer and those applications as a different “medium” to work in, just I had with painting or drawing or sculpting. The rest is as they say “history.”

What fascinates you most about typography?

I probably fell in love with typography about halfway through my degree program in college. We had a project where we had to design our own masthead for a magazine. It was during the research phase that I really discovered how important typography was to the effectiveness of any design solution. I love how the smallest of details in letterforms are really what make up the DNA of any given letter’s personality. The mastery of how to manipulate those details to create my own fonts and type solutions was a natural road for me to venture down. I also love Ellen Lupton’s quote “Typography is what language looks like.”

Typography of the day by Joel Felix

How do you find inspiration?

I believe inspiration comes in many different forms. Besides looking at all the masters of design who have come before us and the copious amounts of blogs, websites and magazines showcasing design at its best, I’ve been taught to look at nature for inspiration, because—God really is in the details, especially when looking at patterns. I’m also often inspired by music, books, history, fashion and even watching my 3-year-old son create without any inhibitions.

Do you have a personally favourite project up to now?

That’s a hard one to answer. There are many “favorites” but for various different reasons. I will say that the majority of projects that I might label as “favorite” are often the ones that have been self-initiated projects with no client but myself. Maybe that’s the artist in me wanting to create something for my own consumption or maybe it’s the fact that many of those self initiated projects were once “uncharted territory.” They’re projects where I challenged myself to try something new, a different technique, a different way of thinking, or a new application. There’s something very rewarding when you have a vision to try something and reach an end result and you look back and find that the process of learning is really what your favorite thing is.

Typography of the day by Joel Felix

What’s your favourite quote?

I think that leads me to my favorite quote. (“If you’re not growing, you’re dying”) I’m not sure who said it originally, I’ve heard my Pastor at church say it, but it’s a principle I’ve tried to live by in both my personal and professional life. Never stop learning—Never stop growing, because the moment you do, you start dying.

Never stop growing, because the moment you do, you start dying.

Is there a specific project you’d like to highlight?

The “Jack Fire” project for Jack Daniel’s is probably the one that I’d like to mention, working with Arnold Worldwide as the Ad Agency and Taylor James as the production artists for the digital renderings.

Typography of the day by Joel Felix

Learn more about Joel by visiting his site and feel free to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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