How To Get the Best Out of thortful: Limits and Removing Designs

A lot of you have been reviewing your collections and removing designs recently, but I know that the limits can be a little confusing and creators tend to think that thortful works just like other platforms such as Etsy. However, the way you upload to thortful needs to be treated a little differently if you want to optimise your account!

I’ve laid out a few golden rules for making sure you’re being smart with your design slots and optimising your account to get the best result for you and your sales!


Golden rule number 1:

Upload a variety of designs for different occasions when starting out.

When you’re first starting out, don’t upload 10 designs for one single card-sending occasion! Even if there is a big occasion coming up, there’s no need to dedicate more than 2-3 slots to this occasion; stick to uploading for general, everyday occasions for the rest, with one or two extras for Birthday. This way, you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket, and you’ll be able to kick-start your sales and then get some more slots, rather than having to remove them all and start again!


Golden rule number 2:

Don’t remove designs if they sell well for you, or if you plan to sell them on thortful in future!

By removing a design, you are also removing all of its sales data. This means that if you re-upload, your card will have lost its place in the algorithm, and will be treated as a new design. What might be a bestseller originally, when removed and then re-uploaded, becomes just another card, and will have to slowly build up its sales again in order to become popular. Re-uploading also means that the team have to go through the whole process of moderating the design all over again, and as this is done on an individual basis, we cannot guarantee that it will be moderated exactly the same as the original! 


Golden rule number 3:

Non-sellers are ok to remove (as long as you no longer want to sell them on thortful – even in the future!).

If a design has been on thortful for 3-6 months and hasn’t made any sales, then it probably isn’t right for the platform. As long as you don’t want to sell it again on thortful at a later date, it’s totally fine to remove non-sellers and replace with designs which will hopefully be more popular for you! Make sure to take note of which designs sell and which don’t, and use this information to inform your next uploads: how can you adapt a bestselling design for another occasion, or upload a different design with a similar theme/design to your bestsellers? Equally, if a design has not proved popular then remember not to upload anything too similar as it will be very unlikely to sell!


Golden rule number 4:

Understand the how design limits work on thortful.

Did you know that your account has two different upload limits? Our Creator FAQ’s give a full breakdown of how the limits work on thortful, so please give them a thorough read to ensure you’re up to speed. We have these in place because every single image that is uploaded to thortful has to be stored on our servers, so we don’t want to overload them with designs which have been uploaded multiple times! Remember not to remove designs if you want to make changes. Instead, make use of the Update button if you’re looking to make tweaks to the artwork of your design – this means that it will not need to go through the moderation process again, and won’t add on to your overall limit. If you need to add or change tags on a design, then instead of removing and re-uploading, please drop us an email and we can sort this for you.


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