10 places to find inspiration for your card designs!

1. Social Media

There’s many pages that are made for sharing jokes and meme content – Facebook and Instagram groups, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Twitter. You might already check these platforms daily anyway but also think about checking some which are popular but you might not use such as Youtube, Reddit and Imgur.

Following these pages will keep you up to date with the hottest-topics, you just need to think about how you can put your own spin on it. This can also be helpful for ideas and what’s trending aesthetically. Blogs can be helpful research for what’s in or coming into fashion.

Native 21

2. Magazines

While they are not as talked about, magazines are still an extremely helpful way to gain inspiration. Not just the most prolific publications, but also underground fashion magazines such as Wonderland and AnOther (physical and digital). The use of colour, photography styles, textures and vocabulary can get you thinking outside of your usual mindset.


3. Group chats

Get your family and friends to send you any and all jokes/memes they come across – they can be great inspiration. If you’re sent them via Whatsapp, hold down the message and you can ‘star’ it so you can come back and find it easily.

4. The News

Political content is popular with the thortful audience but anything that becomes big news could make a great card. Think about major news stories/events that are evocative, funny, or thought provoking – it doesn’t have to be serious. This year the Colin the Caterpillar intellectual property dispute between Marks & Spencers and Aldi inspired many great selling designs!

The Cake Thief

5. T.V. shows/movies

Are there some iconic quotes/sayings/phrases you and your friends can’t stop slipping in? Or a leading couple who you can use for an Anniversary/Valentine’s design? Adapting these quotes and characters into a card means your design will be instantly relatable for all customers who watch it too with their friend or partner.


 6. Your real life experiences

The best way to create a relatable card is sometimes to think about what you would send to your own friend or family member. Is anyone in your life getting married, moving house or starting a new job? Think about what they have said about the topic and how you could potentially reference it on the card. An easy (and popular!) theme is to ask, what does your partner/brother/mother do that really gets on your nerves and it’s likely that others will relate to your frustrations!

Totally Mailed It

7. Nature

Get outside and experiment with different art supplies. The textures of nature can inspire you, and sometimes the best designs start as physical works of art.

Cat Coquillette

8. Browse our catalogue

It can be helpful to see what’s on the site already – we have so many fab cards which can inspire you. Check out the Navigation and the filters on each occasion – there could be milestones, genders, recipients, styles, and popular searches you might have never considered before.

9. Music

What’s better than a card which makes you sing the caption in your head?! Think of a classic lyric from a beloved song and you’re onto a winner. Or you could base a design on a particular musician, genre or era of music.

Studio Boketto

10. Follow us on Instagram! 

Shamelessly plugging our creator Instagram @thortfulcreators – we’re always sharing customer trends, letting you know about gaps in the catalogue, and being part of our community will not only keep you in the loop with all things creative but will help inspire you and maximise your sales 🙂