15th October 2015 Tereza Litsa

Working to full capacity!

Thortful is full (of creativity)

We’re super excited to add new members to the Thortful team and it seems that we’ll run out of desks soon. Maybe we could take advantage of the roof terrace while the weather allows it!

Thortful is full (of creativity)

We’re flat out working at the moment but found time to enjoy a wonderful evening on Tuesday with the Thortful team attending the #AdaLoveLaceDay event (more on our Twitter account).

We are ready to launch very soon and were excited to see all the images that will come on board. We’ve got over 100 people already trying out our iOS and Android app, helping us to test every single detail in order to show our creators’ images off to the best ability and present you with the best possible result. 

Amazing creators have already expressed their interest to be part of our Thortful journey and we can’t wait to discover more!

If you want to be among the first ones to be notified about the launch, you can register here.


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