7 Emerging Graphic Design Trends Taking Over 2016

Have you noticed some consistencies in the dazzling world of design this year? With our friends at Canva, we’ve put together a list of our favourite trends to make sure you stay inspired to push your creative boundaries!

1. Mod-Retro

Retro no longer means the 1900’s era! Meet “mod-retro” coming to you live from 2016. Mod-Retro is all about the use of late 80’s-90’s retro patterns, tech and pixel graphics.

Mod retro

2. Material Design or Flat 2.0

Googles definition of the design principal: “deliberate colour choices, edge to edge imagery, large scale typography and intentional white space”. The term “Flat 2.0” is also being thrown around because it’s pretty much an update to the flat design trend with the addition of light/shadow, depth and movement to create a sense of realism.


3. Vibrant Hues

Saturated tones are flooding the design world to create richer, brighter creative pieces. Don’t be afraid to neon-up-it!

3 - vibrant hues

4. Custom Illustration

Stock is dead! One of a kind designs and illustrations are the in-thing, creating personalised and relatable outputs.

Custom illustration

5. Blend Positive and Negative Space

Create deeper meaning to designs and instigate an optical illusion through the interaction of positive and negative space.

Negative space

6. Dramatic Typography

Make a statement with big, bold, centre of attention type. Colour, texture and arrangement are your best weapons.


7. Deconstruction and Distortion

Shake up recognisable forms through abstract in a minimalistic style.

Abstract minimalistic