A Cup of Tea With…Sabah Nazir

This week we handed over the thortful instagram channel to Sabah Designs. Sabah’s promise is that all her cards are designs with love, produced with passion and finished with extreme dexterity, right here in the UK! With a specialist range of Eid cards and the upcoming festivities, we thought we’d find out what makes her tick…over a cup of tea, of course!


Do you find that Eid cards are still relatively niche in the industry?

As Eid has become a stronger and more prominent card sending occasion now than in previous years, we have experienced a sharp rise in high street retailers inquiring and subsequently stocking up our Eid Cards. We have also experienced high sales volumes from online card and gift retailers which indicates that customers have now a wider choice of Eid Cards available to them.

Tell us how you started your career in illustrating.

I started my greeting card company back in 2004 designing and producing hand embroidered greeting cards. Primarily selling through trade shows and agents. However, when we started exporting abroad, and as general demand began to exceed supply, I had to think of ways to manage stock whilst still being innovative. I started combining tiny hand drawn illustrations to my embroidered cards, which gradually took over my portfolio and as they say, the rest is history!

Sabah Designs - Andalucia collection
Sabah Designs – Andalucia collection

What’s your bestselling card?

Since its release in 2013, this bold Arabic Calligraphy card from our ‘Andalucia Collection’ has been one of our bestsellers. It seems to appeal to both male and female customers alike.

How are you planning on spending Eid this year?

Eid celebrations will begin with the family getting dressed up in our finery to attend morning prayers. We will then make our way to visit family and friends where gifts and plenty of food and drink will be exchanged!

Talk us through your creative process when designing a card.

Most of my designs start off as hand drawn sketches, which I then enhance and manipulate in Photoshop or illustrator. I love using modern typography and fonts and am constantly experimenting with new lettering styles.

Who inspires you? 

Hard working people.

Tell us something nobody knows about you.

I have never watched ‘Lord of The Rings’.

If you had to choose one item out of your kit to rescue from a burning fire – what would it be? 

I would have to say my hard drive.

Lastly, can you let us in on what you’re working on next?

As soon as Eid is over, I will sit down with my team and go through this years sales and then start planning and designing our Eid 2017 collection.

(You can never be too organised! )

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