Avoiding Creative Burnout

If you ever feel like your creative juices have run dry – you’re not alone! When coming up with brilliant creative ideas most days is your bread and butter, this can become mentally exhausting, and creative block can be a common problem.

We asked you, our wonderful creators, the little things you do which help you prevent creative burnout.

Just stop – Take breaks away from your computer and phone. Try to stop thinking about what you’re working on and maybe revisit it fresh another day. Schedule in breaks and try to stick to them. This will help you reset feel refreshed.

Take a walk – Get outside and go for a walk, the fresh air will help clear your mind and relax.

Avoid social media – A social media break can make a big difference. You might want to let your followers know you are taking some time away.

Creative activities – Do a creative activity unrelated to your work such as baking, sewing, or messing around with a blank canvas.

Inspirational breaks – Learning something new with a Youtube tutorial or visiting an art gallery could help spark your creativity.

You time – Taking some time to yourself is so important, having a long bath, getting a massage, or just going to the gym.

Friendly accountability – You might want to build a creative peer accountability group to meet with regularly. Encouragement can be key to help push you through burnouts – a little support and a reminder that you are amazing!

If your creative burnout is more like just, burnout (or something more serious) there are resources available that may help. Check out our friends at The Blurt Foundation for support.