Brand new creator guide

So you’ve just signed up to become a thortful creator – woohoo! But now what? The following is all you need to know to get started and start selling!

Take some time to set your profile up so it represents you/your brand – go to your Creator Profile and select ‘edit profile’ from the banner and from here you can add the following:

Profile picture – This can be anything you like! It could be a brand image if you have a logo or a picture of yourself

Banner image – This will really help personalise your profile. You could use it to showcase your favourite designs or use an image to give your profile a nice aesthetic

Name – This is your creator name which you can change whenever you like. You might already have a business name to use, you can make one up or of course, you can choose to just use your name

Bio – This is a great opportunity to share your social media handle as it is printed on the back of every card you sell. You can get fun with it and add a funny line or say a little about yourself. Please note we do not allow you to add your own website

Profile URL – Personalise your URL! This makes it easier to share the link to your profile on social media or with your family and friends so you can direct them straight to your collection

Here are some fab eye-catching profiles:

While editing your creator profile remember to add a ‘brand image’ so you can be added to Our Creators page – have a look at the images in the list to see the type of picture we’re looking for. This has to feature the “face/s behind the brand”.

Uploading your designs!

Everyone starts with 5 design slots so make sure you chose your best designs and prioritise occasion-themed designs. We recommend taking a look through our categories, and check out this blog for tips on what will do well on the site and have good commercial potential.

Please allow at least 5 working days for your designs to be assessed by the Creator team then you can see each card’s moderation status from your Card Management page. We will be happy to increase your upload allowance when you are using all your slots for designs that have good sales potential and have been moderated into the main catalogue)

Join our community! Follow us on our creators private instagram account @thortfulcreators for tips, support, the occasional competition and lots of celebrating creators 🙂

Card design featured in the banner is by Kate Styling