Brush up your designs

Let your imagination run wild with these free PS brush sets hand-picked by the thortful team. Download our favourite kits of high-res brush strokes to fuel your creativity. Why not show us the results and upload those card designs here!

1. Coloured Pencil Brush Pack


Download Pencil Brushes

2. Paint Brush Pack

paint-photoshop-brushes (1)

Download Paint Brushes

3. Watercolour Brush Pack

free-hi-res-watercolor-photoshop-brushes (1)

Download Watercolour Brushes

4. Watercolour Splatters Pack


Download Watercolour Splatters

5. Spray Paint Pack


Download Spray Paint Brushes

6. Drip Spray Paint Pack


Download Drip Spray Paint

We hope you enjoy these brush packs as much as we do! Happy installing 🙂

Typography of the day by Joel Felix

Typography of the day by Joel Felix

Today we’re exploring the creativity of Joel Felix, a freelance designer who specialises in branding, hand-lettering and illustration, while he’s crazy about all things concerning typography.

When did you start as a designer?

I stumbled upon graphic design in college after taking a year off because I didn’t’ know what I was going to do with my Art Studio major. When I came back to finish my degree I took an introductory class to Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and fell in love with design. I immediately switched majors once I realized that there was an entire “business side” of being creative. I viewed the computer and those applications as a different “medium” to work in, just I had with painting or drawing or sculpting. The rest is as they say “history.” Read more

Wanderlust and typography with Adam Vicarel

If you’re struggling to get through the day, it may be a good idea to have a look at the creative typography of Adam Vicarel, an artist, designer and traveler who created an ideal Instagram feed for anyone looking for an adventurous boost. His work gives you the right motivation to seize the day and he might even inspire you to plan a trip during the weekend!

1) When did you start as a designer?

I started in 2011 right after I graduated college. I got a job in southern Ohio designing t-shirts for a company called Rokkitwear, and I was ultimately hired by their mother company, Touchstone, and I did everything from branding, apparel design, and product design to web, UI and marketing campaigns. I was pretty mediocre at all of it, but I had a strong work ethic and an even stronger drive to improve.

2) How do you find inspiration?

I try to find my inspiration from as many places as possible. Namely, not inspiration sites. I most often find myself getting inspired or having ideas when I’m just talking to people; I’m very extroverted–I thrive on human interaction, and I often connect the dots between obscure references, conversations and quotes. I also constantly find myself coming up with some of my best ideas when I’m in the midst of a long hike in the mountains, or while I’m climbing, skating or snowboarding. Read more

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

Mondays are ideal for inspiring projects, as they provide you with the right motivation to work harder, until you achieve the desired results. Eva Winters certainly knows how to be creatively consistent, combining photography with the right typography, turning her Instagram feed into a piece of art.

And if you need a bigger motivational boost, make sure you check Eva’s Daily Type Challenge, a yearly project that is all about artistic consistency, proving that creativity is never lost!

How do you find inspiration for your next design?

I know this may sound cliché however I find inspiration everywhere. I have a note in my phone where I write down bits and pieces of inspiration. Some sparks come mostly from music, films, Scripture, world events, or just daily encounters with friends and family. Some of those sparks of creativity have been marinating in there for awhile while some barely spend a day or two in creative limbo. Read more

Food Lettering with Victoria Black

 Food Lettering with Victoria Black

Creative typography is always appreciated, especially when it also includes food photography. That’s how we discovered the work of Victoria Black, a letterer & graphic designer that is obsessed with typography, as well as donuts.

She decided to take her creativity to the next level by creating the Food Lettering project, along with the talented photographer Vanessa Rees. Vanessa took the photos and suggested the lovely recipes, while Victoria was inspired by them to create the hand-lettering. 

1) How do you find inspiration?

It may be cliche to say this, but inspiration can come from anywhere and sometimes it’s very unexpected.  Read more