Creator basics part 1 – What to do with your designs post occasion.

As fun as it is to design cards, ultimately you want them to do well and be seen by customers. With more and more creators joining all the time, we want to make sure your questions are being answered and you’re being given helpful content. That’s why we’re starting a new series of blog posts all about the basics of being a thortful creator.

Whilst we touched on this briefly on the creator instagram, the first part of our series is all about what to do with designs post occasion. We know that this is important so that you can optimise your slots efficiently – so lets get into it!

Firstly, check out your ‘Sales by card’ page and do the following:

  1. If you had a card design that sold well, we would recommend you create several more version that apply to other occasions (if it makes sense to do so) like the designs showed above
  2. If the card design is occasion specific and will be relevant in future years, you can unlist the design which will hide it from your profile and the catalogue. Just remember to list it again next year! It also does not need to go back through the approval process when you list again. Unlisting a design will not free up a slot as this is a temporary function.
  3. If the card design is not occasion specific, please do not unlist or delete it.
  4. If the card design did not make any sales and won’t be appropriate for selling in the future, you can delete the design which will free up a slot.

Whilst unlisting a card does not free up a slot, there are benefits to consider. For example, if a customer goes straight to your profile, they can see the designs relevant to them much quicker.

If you are a new creator, we recommend making cards occasion specific as they generally do better. Once the occasion has passed, we would be happy to review a second version if you feel the design did well.

We are are aware that many of you have questions surrounding slots in relation to this, so please make sure to tune into next weeks blog post which will be all about slot optimisation and moderation status.