4th March 2016 Shannon Kovacs

Feeling crafty? Here’s four Mother’s Day homemade gifts that are super easy to make!

Mother’s Day is all about showing your mum how much you appreciate everything she’s done, and continues to do!

The most thortful gifts aren’t expensive presents that will put a strain on your purse, but rather little items that require a special touch.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of homemade gifts that will mean so much to your Mum on her special day. Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more Mother’s Day gift ideas: https://uk.pinterest.com/thortful/mothers-day-gift-ideas/.

Homemade Candles

Instead of discarding all those old candles that have a little bit of wax left in them, why not create a set of deliciously-smelling candles for your Mum to relax with? Bath, candles and a good book – Mum will be happy.


Gift Basket
Fill a disused tin bucket or wicker basket full of products your Mum adores. Nothing says you care more than remembering items she loved back in your childhood.


Plant Pot
Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers, pot and plant your Mum’s favourite flower or plant. Besides, seeing her Mother’s Day gift bloom will make her think of you.


Photo Collage

You can’t beat photographic memories of happy, family times. Put together a collage of all your Mum’s favourite pictures to gaze at every day. It will bring a smile to her face that we can guarantee!