6th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair



According to Buzzfeed, we are only seven billion of the 108 billion people who have ever lived on the planet. As such, 93.5% of all people, ever, have died. Personally, we thought that number would be much higher. We digress – the point is, as great as slightly creepy facts about death are, here at Thortful HQ we’re in love with Rebecca Hendin’s illustrations for Buzzfeed. And Rebecca Hendin’s illustrations for Politico, and Strike!, and pretty much every other piece of work she’s done.

In a culture of memes, quick photographs and screenshots, it’s really lovely to see that there is still a place for good-old-fashioned illustration in the zine- and news world. Over the last few years she’s been active, Rebecca has amassed a vast collection of work which you can see at her personal website, all of which is very uniquely and obviously hers. She is currently the staff illustrator for Buzzfeed International, and based in London. Connect with her here on twitter, and here on instagram.

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