20th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


10402850_547459422032077_7338554576390374430_nIt was very difficult to pick just one item from Marc Fernandez’s wonderful and crisp portfolio, so we picked everyone’s favourite sci-fi character! Well, not everyone’s, but you see our point? We think what sets Marc’s portfolio aside, and what makes it so thortful, is its diversity. A strong identity is an important thing to have as a creative, but versatility is also key, as Marc demonstrates on his behance page.

Having played with every medium in his work including illustration, calligraphy, graphic design, hand lettering and printing, Marc showed not just excellent design acumen and the great ability to curate a stylish collection of images, but also the ability to motivate himself and grow as a creative. We love it! You can see Marc’s instagram here.

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