24th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


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Those who follow us on social media will know that we are in love with Francisco Valesco’s work, and tend to share it on memorable occasions – you can see we did so for exam results days for young people in the UK this summer. We thought Fran would be the perfect creative to feature for a combined #ImageOfTheDay and #MondayMotivation post, but as usual, we couldn’t pick just one image!

Fran’s work has personality, is inspiring, and smile-provoking, so we urge you to check out his Behance page and his personal website. He has a particular knack for choosing the right words and giving them back to us in beautifully simple, shareable form. Based in Spain, Fran is a multi-talented designer, and recently spoke on his Instagram about how he’d like to take the above quotes and publish a book through a kickstarter campaign. We’ve got to say, we’d be first in line to buy it! As Fran would say: go big or go home.

Our launch date is approaching! Don’t miss it: register here.

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