16th September 2015 Ghazzala Zubair




Happy Midweek! Wednesdays are usually the kind of sluggish, flabby time we end up filling up on a lot of junk food, so we thought we’d pick today’s images to reflect this (unlike yesterday’s, which were absurdly healthy). Genius Warsaw-based illustrator Krzysztof Roslan is a huge talent when it comes to tongue-in-cheek character design that both entertains and commentates. We were just going to admire with the snotty Rubix cube, but then we saw a cookie cannibalising a doughnut and became enamoured with the absurdity of it all. Krzysztof, in general, offers the kind of brilliant ingenuity you can usually see at Pixar.

As part of a dynamic design team called Ars Thanea, also based in Poland, Krzysztof has worked as a digital painter on everything from HBO’s promotions for their incredible line-up of TV series’ including Game of Thrones, True Blood and Boardwalk Empire to working for GE and ING. That’s quite a powerful roster, and the Ars Thanea team have the cabinet full of Cannes Lions’ to prove it. Check Krzysztof’s Behance page here, connect with him on Facebook, or check out the Ars Thanea team here.

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