29th February 2016 Gemma Lacey

Leap Yeah! 5 facts about Leap year to blow your mind!

It only occurs once every four years but a leap year manages to do everything from create cause for celebration to throwing some people off kilter, here are five of our favourite facts about this special day to get you started.

Rapper Ja Rule is officially 10, born in 1976 this will the 10th time he can celebrate his birthday. We think this card seems a good choice for the happy hip-hop mogul.

pandaRussians believe Leap Years can bring freak weather and a higher risk of dying. Whilst in Italy they say “anno bisesto, anno funesto” meaning leap year gloomy weather.stormy weatherLadies get their chance to propose on this day too, thought to be established by St Patrick after a nun complained women had to wait too long for their suitors.

What’s not so well known are the forfeits men have to pay if they refuse, currently standing at £1 or 12 pairs of gloves depending on who you ask.

lady proposeThe US Presidential elections are also always held in a leap year one of many events which often help make leap years extra significant.


Leap years are technically called intercalation days but as that’s not very catchy they were renamed to describe the way the extra day causes significant events to skip ahead and fall one day later.