5th April 2016 Gemma Lacey

Modern Girls Guide to sending Sorry Cards

There are times in life when a minions gif just doesn’t go the distance to express the true depths of your feelings. As we launch our collaboration with Stylist we’ve compiled the modern girls guide to sending greeting cards, to help you navigate etiquette and ensure you can put a smile on your friends face whatever the occasion. We’re kicking things off with our guide to the best apologies in print to get you started.

We all make mistakes but whether it’s forgetting someone’s Birthday, to something a little more serious here’s our suggestions to make amends.

You forgot their birthday…

We all do it, late nights at the office, making time for yoga and before you know it there’s a dog-eared card in your handbag or worse still you forgot to get one at all. Here’s where thortful can save the day.

Try sending this belated birthday greeting to redeem yourself and you’ll soon be back in their good books.
The Please Forgive Me

Next up we have the post argument card, for when you know you’ve messed up. Maybe your friend has had to help you into cab or hold back your hair a little too much or perhaps you shrunk that favourite jumper of theirs that you borrowed. If it’s the latter a Topshop gift card inside the card below should see you right, but either way who can resist the cuteness of a sloth- they won’t stay mad at your for long when they set their eyes on this little guy!

slothThe BIG Apology

This is when you really screwed up! Perhaps you stood them up, forgot an important date, put your foot in it; or worse case drunkenly flirted with their boyfriend  (shame on you). The only way forward with them is to ‘fess up, own your mistake and make sure they know you really mean it. This card should help.

bigThe Appetite Driven Apology

Girls, how many of us can raise our hands and say we need to apologise for something we said whilst in serious need of food? Never fear your hangry apology helper is here in the form of this card so you can make amends for snapping at your BFF before you managed to scoff a BLT.

hangryThe Silent Type

Finally an apology for when you can’t quite find the words but you hope they know you well enough to understand you care.

When it's hard to find the right words to apologise

When it’s hard to find the right words to apologise

Tissues at the ready let’s hope these lead to hugs all round!