Self Care When Working From Home Part 2

Recently the world has started opening up again, but we know that a lot of you work from home permanently as small business owners.

Following on from part 1, we’re looking at some of our very own creator top tips for staying sane when you’re stuck in the house! Who better to give you ideas than your fellow greeting card designers?!

Most of our tips fit into two categories; Taking a break and exercise – Lets delve into them deeper!

Taking a break:

  1. Jeff and the squirrel‘ says ‘Take breaks often to listen to music, eat, clean the house, call a mate, and do other stuff that breaks up the day’
  2. Taking breaks from your screens every 30 minutes is ‘Ludicrous Prints‘ idea for staying productive.
  3. Having a nap is a cosy and energising way of resetting your stress levels – suggested by ‘Droplette Design’.
  4. ‘Lots of tea and coffee in different places to where you work’ says ‘Michelle Robyn
  5. And my personal favourite – ‘Eat lots of chocolate’ suggested by ‘Jackie Ponwaye Design‘.

But if taking a break doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (pun intended 😏), try these tips based around being more active and squeezing in some exercise:

  1. Talk a walk – it clears your head and refreshes you! – ‘Brogan Thomas Designs‘.
  2. It’s Jessica‘ says ‘A short walk or run outside breaks up your day’
  3. Similarly, ‘Ludicrous Prints‘ also suggests walking but this time around the house – at least 4 times!
  4. And last but not least, ‘Michelle Robyn‘ suggests getting up every hour and walk around for a few minutes to get the blood pumping.

Do you agree with these tips? Or perhaps you have slightly more unorthodox ideas? Let us know on the creator IG ☺️