So Many Social Media Platforms, But Which is Best For Me?

With such a variety of social media platforms out there nowadays, how do you know which is right for you? Here, we’ve listed the four that we think are the most important, and given you a run-down of their strengths to help you decide where to focus your attention.

Blog title - Insta

Instagram is widely regarded to be one of the best platforms for creatives as it’s so visual, in addition to the fact that there is a large creative community on Instagram. One of the strengths of Instagram is that it allows you to easily target interested audiences (without having to pay for it!) through hashtags. Users who have a particular interest, from #brushlettering to #cutedogs, tend to check these hashtags regularly to see what new posts have been created, and Instagram now gives the option to ‘follow’ a hashtag like you would an account, so that you can see them when scrolling through your own your feed. If you can target these hashtags with relevant posts, then this means more exposure for you!

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“Instagram is widely regarded to be one of the best platforms for creatives as it’s so visual”

There are lots of options for posting on Instagram too – from the original concept of your grid, to things like Stories and Instagram Live. Think of your grid as a showcase of your cards and your brand – like a portfolio of everything you embody. Your images should look aesthetically pleasing and well put-together, as they will be there permanently representing you.

IMG_5910    IMG_5912   IMG_5913

“Stories allow you to have a bit more fun with your content”

On the other hand, Stories allow you to share snippets (either photos or videos) of the behind the scenes of your brand, or timely updates, and have a bit more fun with your content. You can also add links and hashtags to these, so can use them to easily advertise your cards too.


Blog title - Twitter

For some people, Twitter might not seem like it’s worth it, but it can arguably be easier to get heard – if you target your posts in the right way. One thing which is key for Twitter is press features. Under the hashtag #journorequest, journalists will outreach particular topics which they are looking for case studies on, and if you find one that is relevant to your brand and/or cards then you could be in with a chance of a feature. Particularly useful are gift lists – roundups of gifts (and cards!) themed around occasions (Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc) which are then featured in the run-up to the occasion, so look out for these.

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“Journalists will outreach particular topics under the hashtag #journorequest”

In addition, Twitter can be a good place to attract influencers to your cards, who might be able to help promote them. Having a presence can be key, so that people can tag you! Make sure your bio info is all set up as this helps to make your brand look well-rounded, and most importantly, ensure it contains a link to your cards so that people can easily click through to buy!

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 12.04.37“Twitter can be a good place to attract influencers to your cards”

Twitter can also allow you to tap into wider conversations and have a voice there too. These of course need to be relevant to your brand (keep conversations on your local council or the price of milk to your personal accounts!). Think about which topics are relevant to your cards and your business, as well as the general creative community, and use hashtags to ensure your tweets are seen.


Blog title - Fb

One of the key benefits of Facebook is that it gives you the option to post longer copy – both Instagram and Twitter are limited. It is also an easy way to have a professional presence on social media: creating a business page gives you the opportunity to create a professional looking page with lots of links to your cards, and will also give you insights into how your posts are performing with the Facebook Analytics tool.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 12.20.29

“Creating a business page will give you insights into how your posts are performing”

It can also allow you to link to your cards much more easily than Instagram, by simply pasting a link into your post. Facebook can also be useful for reaching a wide audience of various demographics, although it isn’t as widely used by millennials and teens. Bear in mind also that Facebook owns Instagram, so certain tools on Instagram require you to have a linked Facebook account in order to use them – tagging products for example – and this could mean that you’re more inclined to have a page.


Blog title - Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming really key for customers. It’s now less like a social media platform and more like a visual search engine, and you can link back to your cards to generate sales. Tailor your posts to current trends and people will be more likely to pin them, and use these also to tap into trends to inspire your own designs.

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“Pinterest is now less like a social media platform and more like a visual search engine”

One of the key benefits to having Pinterest is that it doesn’t need super-regular updates. Once you’ve got a set of posts/boards you can simply monitor and update them, perhaps once a month or even once a quarter, depending on how much you want to utilise the tool. For this reason, it’s also key to remember that very timely posts won’t be relevant here, so stay away from posting anything about what you’re up to – think of it less as a timeline and more as a portfolio.