27th May 2016 Shannon Kovacs

The Great British Bank Holiday Essentials

Nothing quite says a British ‘summer’ like a bank holiday. Whether you’re headed off to the coast with family, embarking on a road trip (and inevitably getting stuck in gridlock traffic), or prepping the BBQ despite the threat of rain – what does bank holiday mean to you?

We’ve rounded up the most quintessentially British things to do on a typical bank holiday weekend – how many can you tick off?


The classic British tradition whenever a three-day weekend comes around. Whether you’re packing up the camper/caravan, or pitching a tent in a muddy field, this bank holiday staple is guaranteed to bring tears, laughter, stress and a lot of mud. Don’t forget to pack the wellies!

The extra day suddenly inspires us to fill up the tank, jump in the car and head out on the road to explore a different part of the country. Whether you’re heading towards open countryside, or escaping to a forest retreat – make sure you stock up on the car snacks and create a jam-worthy car playlist!

We’re a nation who LOVE BBQing at any opportunity and regardless of the weather. Bucketing it down? No problem, pop the barbie under a gazebo, umbrella or makeshift shelter. Blazing hot sunshine? Fill up an old wheelie bin to cool the beers. Come rain or shine, there will be a lot of BBQs being fired up this weekend and we’re already looking forward to ours!


A long weekend means some hours to kill, and what better way than chilling on the sofa, with your laptop, a cuppa and biscuit (we highly recommend chocolate hobnobs), whilst perusing the online stores. We’re even offering FREE delivery on orders for the bank holiday using the code SPRING2016.


There’s no better time to catch up on your favourite programmes, and we’re definitely dedicating some time to the sofa with some snacks in hand, whilst watching the latest TV obsession.

Catching up with friends is valuable, and it’s made even better over a glass of prosecco and Eggs Royale. How do you eat yours?!

Getting out in the fresh air with loved ones is the perfect way to spend time together. Why not pick up your camera and practice your photography skills whilst enjoying the great outdoors?


Got some redecoratin to do? Is the house or garden in need of a makeover? Then bank holiday is the perfect opportunity to get the overalls on, lop those bushes and paint on that wall you’ve been talking about doing forever!

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