10th July 2015 Ghazzala Zubair

Things are hotting up at Thortful HQ

Desks Picture

By Claudia McInerney

After several hot days in sunny Soho, thortful decided that enough was enough. Despite having lots of fans (pun intended) we needed to cool things down to work effectively and ordered an air conditioning unit. Despite the joyous response to this unexpected news, it was shortly followed by an anti-climax.

Our minds were filled with the questions: ‘will it arrive on time?’ and, if it does arrive, ‘will it be effective?’

But all was revealed when, a few days later, we heard that all-important knock at the office door. A wave of silence filled the office.

The air-conditioning had arrived.

All that’s left to say is that we are now working hard in cool and temperate conditions to ensure that you are not disappointed when thortful launches in the coming months!

More desks, more desks

What’s more, we are happy to announce that our new desks have finally arrived. There was not, unsurprisingly, such a tense build up for this delivery. It is only now that we realise, in a siege of panic about the lack of ‘vital work stations’, we may have overreacted…No doubt they’ll be filled soon by some top talent!

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