6th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair




There’s a kid in all of us: that’s what Anna Tilche believes. We’ve told you before how much we love creativity for the purpose of education (whether promoting or facilitating), and our Thortful Design today is a great example of that. An Italy-based illustrator, graphic designer, and all-around wonderful creative, Anna has worked for a while at making learning fun and accessible to children of all ages.

In the above series, she creates an entire felt pencil case full of items, from pencil sharpeners to scissors, putting an off-beat spin on the regular fairytale narrative, making the characters in this particular fairytale tools of the child’s imagination. We feel like that might be difficult for a three year old to fully appreciate, but at least the colours, shapes and textures will help develop their young minds!

Check out Anna’s instagram here or her personal website here.

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