10th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


e7114886fb3c47e75973aed37905c4a3e90611b8be9744b497157cf87eb0aaa5  rorschachOur Thortful Design today is typography (we know, we know) by Fabienne Plangger. We all love a nice Sans Serif or calligraphic font. We mean, we pretty much all love anything as long as it’s not a. Comic Sansa or b. Papyrus. But among all the other myriad options a young graphic designer might have in developing their own typeface, Fabienne chose a very simple and hugely impactful idea.

Fabienne’s Rorschach typography is instantly recognisable, legible, and almost stylishly creepy, making it a perfect 10 in our eyes. Fabienne herself is an Austrian creator currently living and working in Barcelona after graduating from University in Linz, Austria. We strongly encourage everyone to check out her personal website and her Behance portfolio, and don’t forget to connect with her on Instagram.

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