12th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


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Our Thortful Design is usually exceptionally and sometimes heavily produced, but we wanted to spare a valuable thought for the equally talented creators who manage to create very low-fi, low-maintenance design – and they turn out equally well. Lydia Stutzman over at Lydiary is a graphic designer, typographer (or letterer), illustrator, and branding specialist.

You’re most welcome to go to Lydia’s website and check out her cool portfolio (it includes Bexley Market and Sonoma Flatbread), but we’re just as enamoured with Lydia’s instagram and the work she’s done for a previously-mentioned collaboration, 36 days of type. It includes an ‘itty bitty ‘i” and a folded-up money ‘M’ – Lydia got truly creative with the challenge, and we love that design so simple in concept could produce such effective results. She makes it look easy. Show her some love on the afore-mentioned pages.

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