23rd July 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


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We love women creators here at Thortful, especially when they’re creating for a good cause. Following on from Sarah Strandoo’s accessible budget-oriented Shakespeare covers yesterday, today’s #ThortfulDesign was created by Noella Ekezie’s design company, Ellae Creative.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Noella works with a team of three other creatives (Scott Lizama, Adebisi Faridah Adebiyi and Adedayo Agboola). The group of four have collaborated with NIKE, Citibank, Exxon Mobile, and most interestingly, initiatives for the empowerment of young people and young girls in Nigeria. The design above is an example of that.

Ellae worked with Kachifo schools, an affordable start-up school chain, to create a strong and sunny brand message centred on supporting children and preparing them for a bright future. Ellae and Kachifo Schools’ collaboration is one of many between Noella and similar NGOs. You can see them all here at her Behance page, or check out Ellae’s company website here.

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