11th September 2015 Ghazzala Zubair



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Our Thortful Designer wrapping up the week is Amsterdam-based artist and (sometimes) web-designer Hinke Schreuders. Well-known and extremely talented, Hinke’s work seeks to bring embroidery back to the forefront of the design, which is admittedly a rare thing – how often do you see sewn-on typography or portraiture in art, especially nowadays, in the age of the Wacom (or this week, the iPad Pro)? Not that digital mediums are inferior to analogue in any way or produce results less visually dynamic.

Hinke has a tangible passion for 50’s fashion, and with typography (the pieces above are mixed from her 2005 and 2008 collections) and has shown at the Robert Mann gallery in New York , the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent and Heden in the Hague. We love her commitment to her vision. Hinke both likes to create and interact with art that is engaging in real life – you can read her thoughts on that on her blog here, or see her work here at her personal website. Show her some love and like her Facebook page too.

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