13th October 2015 Tereza Litsa

Introducing the creative @finnanofenno

#ThortfulDesign with @finnanofenno #ThortfulDesign with @finnanofenno

It’s always inspiring to re-discover the world through the eyes of a creative person, and we’re excited to come across so many incredible people through social media.

According to Edward de Bono, “creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

This quote perfectly applies to the case of Carlo, or else @finnanofenno on Instagram, a creative person that uses his imagination in the most unexpected ways.

#ThortfulDesign with @finnanofenno

He seeks for inspiration in every single case from his daily life, but he always takes it to a different level with a touch of colour and humour.

“Photography is an instrument that can give part of yourself to other people and show who you are.”

It’s interesting that he may be inspired by a social, or an environmental issue, in the same way he could just make fun of a small incident. With more than 41 thousand followers on Instagram, he believes that the secret to a perfect photo is the right combination of quality, meaning and authenticity and he definitely possesses them all!

Feel free to check his favourite Instagram hashtag #finnycar, along with his Instagram and Facebook profiles.


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