19th October 2015 Tereza Litsa


#Thortful Design with Lisk Feng#Thortful Design with Lisk FengCreative illustrations have the power to cross any border and travel you in just a few minutes to any destination in the world (or even in an imaginary place).

Lisk Feng is our answer to the Monday feeling of wanderlust, as she’s taking us to New York with her illustrations. Lisk is an award winning illustrator that lives in New York, while she is originally from China. Her client list includes: New York Times, Medium, Wissen, Scientific American, Travel Leisure, CIMA, ELLE MEN and many others.

#Thortful Design with Lisk Feng

Also, here is a Gif work Lisk has created for NYTimes, which perfectly shows our addiction to multiple screens nowadays.

#Thortful Design with Lisk Feng

Feel free to check her creative work at her site, her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

If you want to ‘extend’ your trip to New York, here’s the impressive work of Eduardo Cavasotti capturing the skyscrapers of New York city.

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