27th July 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


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Our #Thortful #Design feature today is based on something modern creatives may well all recognize – the #36daysoftype challenge. Curated by Rafa Goicoechea and Nina Sans, graphic designers and illustrators of all kinds from far and wide were invited to design all 26 letters and 10 numbers, and submit daily via instagram. Above are some of the results.

While scrolling through some of entries on typetodesign, we quickly found the charming Fabrizio Morra and his equally cool design company, Les Incompetents. Fabrizio has a diverse range of talents – from designing t-shirts and free wallpapers (check out his Behance page), to reviewing movies and blogging. The full gallery of his entries to the #36daysoftype challenge at his Behance page is a goldmine for cute, cheeky lettering inspiration. Alternatively, follow him on instagram or peruse Les Incompetents at your leisure.

We wish Fabrizio and his colleagues the best of luck!

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