Valentine’s Day sharing assets 2021

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We’ve made new Valentine’s Day sharing assets in time for the big day this year. They’re designed to make it easy to promote your thortful cards on your social platforms.

Get sharing to let your followers know they can buy your cards on thortful.


Simply pick an image and save it. Pop it into the design programme of your choice, be it Photoshop, Illustrator or Procreate – add one of your own designs into the card space, and it’s ready to go 🙂

Remember to add a link to your profile or the card itself, or tell people what to search for in order to find your design, and make sure to add hashtags when sharing on Instagram such as #thortfulcards and #ValentinesDay2021

ctrl + click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) then select ‘save image’.

The card in the example image is made by thortful creator @Studio.Pistachio