19th November 2015 Tereza Litsa

We’re loving the Thortful Diversity

We’re loving the Thortful Diversity

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” — Malcolm Forbes

Diversity is always welcome here at thortful, as it allows us to see things from a new perspective. We’re proud of our multi-cultural office, with 10 nationalities already on board! (And this is just the beginning: more exciting times are coming up!)

It’s great seeing the team grow, and our diversity as a company really benefits. Different backgrounds lead to different viewpoints, and we really enjoy exchanging thoughts and ideas. Embracing the beauty of creative diversity brings endless possibilities every single day!

After all, we’re engaging daily with Creators from across the globe, and our diversity as a team makes us appreciate their unique perspectives even more. One of our Creators, Joel Newman, recently visited us and was inspired to draw this great sketch, celebrating our diversity.

Can’t wait to see how many flags we’ll be adding in the next 6 months!