What to Design for Father’s Day: 3 Top Tips

So you’re mid-way through designing your Father’s Day cards, and you’ve got some ideas up your sleeve, but you’re looking to create your next bestseller. What’s the best way to get inspired?

Read on for our guide to identifying themes and concepts for your designs for this year…

1. What do Dads like?

The first place to start when thinking of Father’s Day designs is with what Dads are known to be into. Hobbies like cycling, fishing, and football are a great place to start. Dads are known for their DIY skills too, and are often into beer, but think outside the box too and go for hobbies or interests that aren’t yet covered by current card designs, but equally still appeal to the Dad demographic.

2. What does a Dad-child relationship look like?

The specific relationship between a father and son or daughter can be a wealth of inspiration for card designs. You could focus on the fact that dads are known to be embarrassing to their offspring, or the fact that they’re always there to fix things (both physically and emotionally!), but these are just some ideas from the many different options. This also works across different age demographics too – young children have a specific relationship with their Dads, as do teens, and in turn adults of varying ages, so tap into this for inspiration. If you can create a design which is directly relatable for a particular sub-section of card-buyers looking for a card for their Dad, then it’s likely to sell.

3. What is trending right now?

Think about what is getting traction across social media, what is coming up in conversations and hitting the headlines. Then think about how you can relate this to Father’s Day: for example, you might have thought up a clever pun to reference it in some way. Of course, you can’t just shoehorn in any old character, celebrity or pop culture reference here, so make sure that the design is still strong as a Father’s Day card in itself. In addition to this, whilst targeting a specific group of people, it still has to appeal to a wide enough range of people to sell well, so don’t make it too niche!

Spend time brainstorming ideas, and don’t be afraid to take the time to do your research too. We hope this helps to inspire your next bestseller!

Remember to search the site before designing and uploading, in order to make sure your design is offering something unique and unlike anything we already have on thortful.

Get your Father’s Day designs uploaded to the site by Tuesday 23rd April to ensure they are considered for this year’s collection!